What Can I Do To Remove Excessive Iron From My Water?
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4 Adverse Effects of Iron in Your Water

If you get your water from a well or a municipal source with high iron content, you may deal with hard water. This simply means that your water has elevated levels of ferrous or ferric iron. While trace amounts aren’t harmful, high iron content can lead to the negative effects below, which should be addressed with a water treatment system.

4 Downsides of Excess Iron in Water

brown staining in tub in Wappinger falls NY1. Laundry Trouble

Your washing machine mixes detergent with water to effectively remove dirt from your clothing. High mineral content in your water can bond with the detergent, keeping it from cleaning well and creating a residue that can stick to clothes.

Hard water can also cause white clothes and towels to yellow over multiple washes.

2. Staining in Sinks & Tubs

The same minerals that stain clothes can also leave a residue in your sinks and tubs. When these mineral deposits are exposed to air, they oxidize, undergoing a process similar to rusting.

This creates a reddish-orange buildup that takes a lot of elbow grease to scour off. Your best bet is fighting the presence of iron before the water reaches your fixtures.

3. Possible Health Effects

Your body needs a certain amount of iron to help your blood transport oxygen. In rare cases, iron in drinking water can create negative health effects in those whose bodies do not process iron correctly.

However, in most cases, the only health effects experienced will be cosmetic. Hard water can dry out hair and may accelerate the appearance of wrinkles, as it can strip the skin of moisture.

4. Unpleasant Taste & Odor

There are some forms of bacteria that can feed on the mineral content in your water. When they do, they create byproducts, including a gas which can impart a sulfur taste and odor to your water.

water tastes bad in Spackenkill NY

They can also create a reddish slime in toilet tanks and water filters. A water treatment system can help make your drinking water more palatable.

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