Easy Ways To Find Out If Your Home Has Hard Water
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5 Signs Your Home Has Hard Water

No one’s tap water is made from 100% H2O. In many cases, a home’s water source contains added minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and iron. Oftentimes, water with a high mineral content is known as hard water. While there generally aren’t any adverse health effects of drinking water with these nutrients, mineral-rich water can present some frustrations at home. Here are a few signs your water is harder than it needs to be.

Water Treatment Services in NYLaundry Issues

If your clothing appears to be losing its vibrancy, your water could be to blame. Minerals could cause whites to appear yellow and dull bold clothing. They may also prevent soap from rinsing clean all the way, so take notice if your clothes still seem to have buildup or feel stiff after washes.

Dishes With Residue

When dishes fail to rinse clean in the dishwasher, hard water is typically the culprit. Once again, mineral-rich water can prevent soap from rinsing away entirely, leaving behind telltale streaks and spots of soap. Oftentimes, it will look like a chalky, white residue.

 Soap Scum

Any bathroom is susceptible to some degree of soap scum. If soap scum is quickly accumulating on shower doors, tubs, and tile, it could be a result of the mineral content in your water. You may notice a buildup almost immediately after eradicating it, leading to a bathroom that never feels completely clean.

Appliance Damage

Mineral deposits don’t just accumulate on your dishes, laundry, and bathroom fixtures. Over time, they’ll also start to compromise your appliances that use water. The components within washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators with ice makers, and hot water heaters may wear away from harder water, leading to shorter lifespans.

bad tasting water in new paltz nyOdd-Tasting Water

Finally, one of the simplest ways to tell if your water has higher mineral concentrations is to just taste it. Many people complain of a metallic or sulfuric taste in homes that have hard tap water. If the taste is unbearable, you could wind up spending a significant amount of money on drinking water over time.

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