Is There a Difference Between Bottled Water and Reverse Osmosis?
Your Clear Choice For Clean Water.

Bottled Water vs. Reverse Osmosis

reverse osmosis benefits, newburgh nyWith a trend towards healthier lifestyles, individuals are consuming more bottled water than ever before. Many individuals are drinking bottled water because they dislike the taste of tap water at home. It is a costly solution, especially since an under-sink reverse osmosis system is an equivalent solution at a fraction of the cost.

In 2020, consumers spent over $18 billion purchasing 7 billion bottles of water, according to data from Information Resources, Inc. Some states, such as New York, also require a 5-cent deposit on every bottle of water which means making another trip to the grocery store to obtain a refund on empty bottles.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys reports that the average American consumes about 6 cups of plain water per day or 2.6 gallons per week. At an average cost of $1.21 per gallon for bottled water, according to the International Bottled Water Association, a family of 4 spends an average of $662.48 per year on bottled water alone.

Some Bottled Water Companies Use Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is arguably the most effective water filtration method currently available, and it is a less costly alternative to bottled water. Some of the top bottled water brands also use reverse osmosis as their method of filtration.

under sink reverse osmosis, orange lake, nyKinetico® reverse osmosis systems are installed under the kitchen sink in a matter of minutes or practically anywhere purified drinking water is desired. The WQA-Certified system uses the existing household water pressure to push the unfiltered water through a semi-permeable membrane containing micron spores that remove up to 99% of contaminants in tap water, including bacteria, viruses, and foul odors.

The reverse osmosis system dispenses a virtually unlimited supply of high-quality and great-tasting water right at the tap for beverages and cooking. A filter life indicator and filter cartridges make it affordable and straightforward to have better quality drinking water without relying on bottled water.  You can also have the same high-quality water at the refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker with optional connectivity. Also, Kinetico® brand reverse osmosis drinking water systems don’t use electricity.

Reverse Osmosis Water Savings

Depending on the model and features, a reverse osmosis system costs just 4-cents per gallon, a savings of $1.17 per gallon or $640 per year with a 5-year savings of $3,203 or 96.7% compared to bottled water.  Your actual savings will be significantly higher if you regularly consume premium bottled water brands which can cost as much as $9.60 per gallon.

In addition to the financial benefit, you won’t have to waste time, energy, and money stocking and storing bottled water. More importantly, a reverse osmosis drinking water system provides instant access to high quality tap water on-demand in the convenience of your home.