We've Compiled a List of Cloudy Water Causes. And Yes, It Can Be Fixed!
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What Causes Cloudy Tap Water?

Homeowners may sometimes notice that a glass of tap water is cloudy or milky in appearance. Most of the time, it clears up in a few minutes, disappearing as mysteriously as it appeared, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the cloudy water remains, or only occurs when you use a specific faucet, or hot water. Naturally, you are probably wondering what causes cloudy water and if it is safe to drink.

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Why Does My Water Look Cloudy?

Cloudy water may be due to the municipal water utility conducting maintenance or repairs such as repairing a water main break, servicing the municipal water distribution line, or other plumbing problems. When excess air gets into the water distribution line, the pressurization causes air bubbles in the water like in carbonated beverages. As more gases become trapped in the water, it can make it look cloudy. It’s usually a harmless, temporary condition that clears up quickly after the water settles and the gases dissipate.

Is Cloudy Water Safe to Drink?

Cloudy water caused by excess air and clears up within a few minutes is generally considered safe to drink. On the other hand, if the water remains cloudy, contains sediment, or is discolored, it is not safe for consumption. You should contact a professional water specialist like The Water Source to test the tap water. A complete water test will determine the specific water quality issues that are causing cloudy water.

Increased Turbidity

Another possible but more severe cause of cloudy water is increased turbidity or turbid water. Suspended solids, sediment, high mineral content, bacteria, and other contaminants in the groundwater can result in a loss of transparency, giving tap water a cloudy or murky appearance. It can also cause build-up in plumbing fixtures and water heater, so you may notice cloudy water coming from one or more faucets or when you use hot water. The water may also have an unusual smell or bad taste. Since it is difficult to determine whether the cloudy water is caused by a harmless condition or contamination that can make you sick, the water should be considered unsafe for drinking or bathing until it has been tested.

clean drinking water, orange lake nyHow Do You Fix Cloudy Water?

There are several water filtration solutions, including whole house water systems, reverse osmosis drinking water systems and specialty filters that will solve cloudy water problems for homes using private wells or municipal water systems. The solution that is best for your home will depend on what is causing the cloudy water. That’s why the first step is to schedule an in-home water test. Our water test provides a detailed analysis of what’s in the water, such as suspended solids, dissolved metals and minerals, chemicals, bacteria, and other pollutants. A trained water specialist will review the water test results, diagnose the causes of cloudy water, and recommend water treatment solutions that will significantly improve the water quality in your home so that you can enjoy crystal clear, perfectly clean, and great-tasting tap water.