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Drinking Water Systems

Having clean, healthy, and fresh drinking water for beverages and cooking is a basic necessity. However, many homeowners in the Hudson Valley area consume bottled water instead of tap water due to smells, cloudiness, and bitter tastes. The Water Source provides high-quality drinking water systems from manufacturers consumers trust the most, including Kinetico® and WaterCare®, for homes and businesses in the Hudson Valley area that depend on cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water for a lot less than the cost of bottled water.


Kinetico® Systems

The Kinetico® Drinking Water System is a state-of-the-art water filtration and purification system that uses a multi-stage reverse-osmosis process to remove contaminants including iron, calcium, bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can be present in private well water and public water systems. It also removes foul odors and bad tastes, restoring the water to its natural, pure state. The entire system is automatic and powered by the movement of water instead of electricity. Kinetico® offers two models to meet the high volume demands of busy households. Refrigerator connection for ice and drinking water are also available.

Kinetico® Drinking Water Systems feature simple user-changeable filter cartridges and QuickFlo technology so clean, clear, and great-tasting drinking water is always available on demand right from the faucet. All Kinetico® products are backed with generous warranties for long-lasting protection. Learn more about the Kinetico® Drinking Water System.


WaterCare® Systems

The WaterCare® Drinking Water System is an efficient, affordable, and convenient four-stage reverse-osmosis filtration appliance that removes impurities in the water. Private well water and even the public water system can contain lead, arsenic, and cysts in the water. WaterCare’s filtration system removes these harmful contaminants and many others and cleans and refreshes the water giving families clean and pure water without foul odors or tastes straight from the tap. Families will no longer need to rely on bottled water for drinking or cooking.

There are two WaterCare® Drinking Water System models available designed to keep up with the water demands of households of any size. A filter life indicator and user-replaceable cartridges minimize maintenance without waste. Learn more about the WaterCare® Drinking Water System.

Where to Buy Drinking Water Systems

The Water Source, your choice for cleaner water. We offer water softener treatment, filtration, and purification systems. Enjoy pure, crystal clear, great-tasting water for home and business.

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