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Big Factors To Consider When Choosing a Water Treatment System

Tap water is becoming a more prominent concern in many people’s lives, as the incidents of finding contamination and impure water are on the rise. If you want to provide your family with safe drinking water, then your best bet is a water treatment system. Below is information on how to best decide which system is best for your home.

water filtration system for your faucetFlow Rate

Your water treatment system should allow sufficient flow and have sufficient capacity to meet your home’s needs. A professional can perform an analysis on your home’s current water system and water demands to determine what flow rate is optimal for your household and how much water your family generally uses in a day. Finding a system with an optimal flow rate for your household means cost-efficiency, as you won’t be paying for capacity you don’t need or suffering from inadequate water flow from a system that’s too small.

The size of your water filters will impact the flow rate and water pressure of your system, so be sure to choose one that isn’t too large or small for your system and needs. A filter that’s not the right size will restrict the amount of water that flows through and lower your water pressure. The lifespan of the filter is important, too, especially when it comes to cost. If the water filters you choose are pricey and need to be changed frequently, then the costs to maintain your system will be greater than for filters that don’t need to be changed often and are inexpensive.

Type of Treatment

You’ll also need to consider what type of treatment system you need: whole-home versus point-of-entry. A point-of-entry system installs on one tap in the home so that clean drinking water can be gotten from it, and it’s ideal if the only water issue you’re worried about is contaminants you may ingest. A whole-home system targets all of the water flowing through your house, and it can be used to soften hard water that’s odorous or leaves stains in your bathtub and sinks. A point-of-entry system is the most cost-effective option for achieving purified water, but if you have hard water issues like odor and staining, a whole-home system will be the most comprehensive solution.

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