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Is My Water Bad in Fishkill?

Hard water, smelly water, and bad tasting water are common problems that affect many homes and businesses in Fishkill, NY. The best way to determine your water quality is to schedule a free test with The Water Source. We have Water Softeners and Water Filtration from top brands like Kinetico® and WaterCare to provide clean, pure, and healthy water for drinking and household or business use.

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Water Purification / Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification significantly improves water quality for homes and businesses in Fishkill without the need for salts, chemicals, or additives. The safe and efficient process uses water pressure to push unfiltered water through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane acts like a sieve trapping the most minute particulates, including sediment, bacteria, cysts, chemicals, and other impurities in a storage tank, sending the clean, clear, and pure spring-tasting water right to the faucet.  The water purification system automatically drains the impurities and cleans the storage tank, so you never run out of purified water. A filter life indicator and user-replaceable cartridges make system maintenance simple and worry-free without waste.


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Water Softener

The majority of homes and businesses have some degree of hard water, so it's a problem that not only affects private wells in Fishkill but municipal water customers too. Depending on the severity, you may notice stains on your sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers that keep returning no matter how often you clean them. Hard water also causes limescale deposits on appliances that use hot water like the water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine leading to premature failures and replacement. Our water softener uses an ion-exchange process to reduce water hardness quickly and efficiently. Soft water is cleaner, smoother, and feels more luxurious on the skin without leaving a soapy residue or soap scum around drains. It prolongs the life of your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances while consuming less water and detergent for the same amount of cleaning. Our water softener can be used as a standalone device or part of a whole-house solution. The system automatically cleans and regenerates, ensuring you never run out of clean, clear, and pure water in your home or business.

Water Filtration System For Whole House in fishkill ny

Whole House Water Treatment

When your Fishkill home has more severe water quality issues, our whole house water treatment solves the problem. The system connects directly to the point of entry of your water line. It uses the existing water pressure to remove arsenic, sulfur, chlorine, lead, and other water impurities. We offer several different models, including reverse osmosis and ion exchange technologies, with a single tank and multi-tank options to meet the demands of larger households. You can also use multiple faucets or appliances at the same time without affecting performance. An eco-friendly non-electric whole house water treatment powered by water movement instead of electricity is also available. Your family will always have crystal clear, perfectly clean, and healthy pure water at every faucet in the house with whole house water treatment.

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Water Filtration In Fishkill NY

Water filtration for private well and public water systems is a necessity for homes and businesses in Fishkill that have water quality issues. Even small amounts of bacteria, sulfur, arsenic, lead, and other contaminants cause the water to smell, taste, or even look bad. It can also cause health issues in some individuals.

With several different systems for homes and businesses of all sizes, we have a water filtration solution for every need and budget. Water filtration is very affordable – a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water. It works with both private wells and public water customers. Enjoy the clean, clear, and refreshing taste of pure water in your home or business.

Get to know what’s in your water. Schedule a free in-home water analysis today! We serve Fishkill, Hopewell Junction, Shenandoah, Stormville, and other nearby towns.