4 Reasons to Give Up Bottled Water & Switch to the Tap
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4 Reasons to Give Up Bottled Water & Switch to the Tap

If you’re in the habit of drinking bottled water, you might want to consider switching back to tap. Over extended periods, the disadvantages of bottled water tend to outweigh any benefits. Here’s why it’s more worthwhile to invest in a water treatment system for your home.

dont drink bottled waterWhat Are the Downsides of Bottled Water?

1. Save Money

Bottles of water average at a cost of about one dollar apiece. In the short term, this seems like a small price to pay, but bottled water quickly adds up over time, even if you buy in bulk. Priced by the gallon, bottled water is over 600 times more expensive than tap water. Water treatment systems in the home will save you hundreds of dollars annually.

2. Create Less Waste

Though they are recyclable, many plastic bottles still wind up in overcrowded landfills that contribute to climate change. Take the eco-friendly route by filling a reusable bottle with filtered drinking water from your home.

3. Avoid Contamination

Water bottles also present health risks. When they heat up in the sun, for instance, toxins may seep from the plastic into the water. To make matters worse, companies are not required by law to alert consumers when contaminants have been found upon inspection.

choose filtered water over bottled water4. Know the Source

Many bottled water companies claim to source their water from natural springs and underground aquifers. However, there’s no telling where the water actually originates. When you drink from a tap with a water treatment system, you’ll know the source and feel more confident in its purity.

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