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Perfluoro-octanoic (PFOA) acid and perfluoro-octane sulfonate (PFOS) are man-made chemicals that you don’t typically expect to find in the water. However, if you live near an industrial plant or manufacturing facility or consume products that contain PFOA and PFOS, you may be ingesting these potentially toxic chemicals. It may also be coming out of your water tap at your home or business.

PFOA / PFOS getting into waterWhat is PFOA/PFOS in water?

PFOA and PFOS have been widely used in manufacturing consumer goods since the early 1940s. It was used to protect products from heat, stains, and corrosion. Millions of products, including plastic bottles, pizza boxes, and even firefighting foam contained PFOA/PFOS. It gave Teflon® its non-stick coating and 3M’s Scotchgard™ its ability to repel stains. PFOA/PFOS usually enters the water supply through soil contamination when products containing these chemicals breakdown in landfills and contaminate the groundwater.

While PFOS was phased out in 2002 and manufacturers stopped using PFOAs at the end of 2015, PFOA/PFOS is still present in the environment. Therefore, it may still be present in your public water system or a private well.

Is PFOA/PFOS in bottled water?

In 2019, Consumer Reports reported that PFAS were found at elevated levels in some water bottled by Spring Hill Farm Dairy. The concern was enough for the Massachusetts Department of Health to issue a health advisory. According to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), it requires its members to test for PFAS in all products they sell.

Why is PFOA/PFOS dangerous?

Federal government studies conducted over the years have found PFOAs in nearly every individual tested. High levels of PFOA can cause serious health issues, including increased risk of cancer, weaken the immune system, hormonal changes, and decreased fertility, to name a few.

A water test from The Water Source is a quick and simple way to determine if PFOA/PFOS is present in your drinking water. Our water test will also determine the amount of PFOA/PFOS and any other harmful contaminants in your water.

water filter install in Pine Bush NYEliminate PFOA/PFOS in Your Water

We offer water softener treatment, filtration, and purification systems to disinfect and remove PFOA/PFOS in your water. Enjoy pure, crystal clear, great-tasting water every time with solutions for home and business.

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