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Poor Appliance Performance

Water quality problems like hard water, low pH, and elevated levels of iron, manganese, and sulfides can cause scaling, staining, and corrosion that can damage plumbing, pipes, and fixtures that lead to poor appliance performance in your home.

water softener system in Wiccopee NYWashing Machine

The additional mineral and metal content in hard water can impact the performance of your washing machine. Low pH or elevated calcium, iron, and manganese levels in water can clog pipes and cause metal and PVC pipes and fittings to corrode. Your washing machine will require more water to remove the detergent, and clothes will look dull. You may also notice reddish-orange or brown stains in the washer tub and on laundry.


Higher mineral content in water will have a similar effect on dishwasher performance. You may notice spotty or discolored dishes, pots, and silverware. Metal parts will also show signs of corrosion or rust. You may also need to replace your dishwasher more often.

Water Heater

Hard water, low pH, and sulfur can cause scale deposits to accumulate in the water heater. It can damage the heating element and corrode the metal casing causing water leaks requiring its premature replacement. Corrosion can also leak heavy metals such as ferric oxide, manganese, and lead into the water.

water treatment service in Middletown NYPlumbing and Fixtures

The high mineral content in hard water causes soap to accumulate and clog drains and pipes. The acidity in low pH water can also cause metal fittings, drains, and pipes to corrode. It can discolor brass, copper, and even stainless-steel faucets and fixtures. You will also notice staining and discoloration in your sinks, tubs, and showers that will require more frequent cleaning, repairs, and replacements.

How to prevent poor appliance performance

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