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Experiencing an obnoxious “rotten egg” odor in the water can be alarming, leaving many to wonder if it is safe to drink. The foul odor is due to hydrogen sulfides in the groundwater or well. Some areas of the country have more sulfates in the water supply than in other areas. When bacteria deplete the oxygen in sulfates, it creates hydrogen sulfide gas, which emits that rotten egg smell. You may also notice yellow or black stains on your water appliances, plumbing fixtures, laundry, and silverware.

water smells like rotten eggs in Hudson Valley NYHomes and businesses with water wells or groundwater supplies near industrial facilities like coal or oil fields are more likely to experience sulfur water. Sulfur water is also more prevalent in groundwater or wells with shale or sandstone rocks. Also, the breakdown of raw sewage and other organic matter that leak into the water supply causes hydrogen sulfide gas. Poorly constructed wells can also develop sulfur water.

Is sulfur water safe to drink?

Although unpleasant, sulfur water causes no known health issues. However, the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas can also indicate the presence of elevated levels of iron, manganese, and bacteria in the drinking water. Avoid drinking or bathing with sulfur water until you have a water quality test.

Should I have my water tested for sulfur?

Since sulfur water can be an indication of the presence of bacteria, homes and businesses experiencing a “rotten egg” or foul odor should obtain a water test.

remove sulfur from water in Lagrangeville NYHow do you fix sulfur water?

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