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How Do Different Water Filters Work?

After being processed at a purification facility, municipal water travels through multiple plumbing lines before it reaches your tap. With a home water filter, you can remove any contaminants that may have accumulated throughout that journey, improving the taste and appearance of your water. Here are some of the most common types of filters and how they remove collected residue.

water filtration system in Carmel NY4 Types of Water Filters & How They Work

Activated Carbon

These filters contain small carbon grains that attract contaminants from your water. This option is one of the most popular ones since it’s fairly cost-effective, but carbon filters need to be replaced periodically.


Distillation filters boil your home’s water to eliminate bacteria, then collect the steam and re-cool it to transform it back into liquid. Since many chemicals and residue have different boiling points than water, the water you’re left with is very pure.

Ion Exchange

These water filters contain small beads that are made up of sodium ions. When liquid passes through, any minerals such as magnesium or calcium get trapped in the beads, releasing sodium instead. If your home has hard water that leaves a metallic taste or doesn’t clean soap well, you might benefit from an ion exchange system.

reverse osmosis process in New Paltz NYReverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force water through a membrane that traps particles that are too large to fit through. Most of these systems have multiple steps or screens designed to catch different types of contaminants. Unlike more popular filters such as carbon, this type of system has few moving parts and rarely deteriorates.

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