How Can I Prevent Iron From Entering My Drinking Water System?
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Is It Safe to Drink Water With Iron in It?

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Iron is an essential mineral that the body needs to carry oxygen from the lungs to the blood cells. Without it, a person can develop anemia, which can cause heart and breathing problems. But if the iron is present in your drinking water system, is it safe to drink it? The following guide provides helpful insights on what causes iron in water and if there are any negative health effects.

Iron In My Water

Lakes, streams, rivers, and other waterways are natural environments for iron deposits to form. The mineral is also common in refinery ores and sites where discarded iron-laced metals have corroded. Iron from these sources can make its way into local drinking water systems.

The taste and appearance of water are typically altered when the iron is present. It can have a metallic taste and create brown, red, or yellow stains on laundry, dishes, and plumbing pipes.

Are There Health Effects of Drinking It?

Traces of iron in drinking water systems won’t typically cause health issues. However, if iron mixes with harmful bacteria in a water source, organisms that enter the body may trigger health problems.

lead in water in Plattekill NYDrinking large amounts of the mineral and bacteria-contaminated water can cause bloody stools, vomiting, and damage the kidneys and liver. The encouraging news is that water systems can be professionally tested for iron and treated to remove it and unwanted bacteria.

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