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The Water Source is your locally authorized, independent Kinetico dealer. We offer a range of water filtration and purification products, including Kinetico Brand Specialty Solutions, to solve the most challenging water problems at your home or business.

Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Solutions

The Water Source, your choice for cleaner water. We offer water softener filtration and purification systems. Enjoy pure, crystal clear, great-tasting water for home and business.

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An aerator oxidizer is a specialty component of a whole home water system that eliminates iron and manganese that cause hard water problems. It also removes hydrogen sulfide and the smelly odor and bitter taste that it causes.

water filtration system in Wiccopee NY

We recommend an arsenic filter in homes that contain arsenic in the water. Arsenic can be harmful even in small quantities. The filter works with the water filtration system to continuously reduce arsenic levels.

A calcite filter corrects problems associated with low pH levels that cause acidic water. Acidic water typically has a cloudy appearance and a metallic taste. It also causes blue-green stains on metal or copper plumbing and fixtures. The system uses calcite to neutralize the water to a pH of 7 (pure water).

The carbon filter uses a dual-tank backwashing process that eliminates chlorine in the water, giving fresh, pure water throughout the house without bad taste or odors. The dual-tank system ensures no water is wasted.

Many public water treatment facilities use chloramine instead of chlorine to disinfect the water. Our chloramine reduction system features Kinetico’s Chloraban® media to remove any remaining disinfectant byproduct in the water and the foul smell and taste associated with it.

decholrination tank in hudson valley nyThe dechlorinator is a single tank system that works with a Kinetico water softener and whole home water system to remove chlorine in the water.

Suspended solids and particulate matter in water cause it to lose its transparency, increasing its turbidity. The Kinetco® Macrolite® filter removes the sediment and particulates in the water to reduce turbidity to provide the whole home with high-quality clean, clear, and healthy water.

Heavy rain in wells, lakes, and other water sources can lower pH levels, increasing water acidity, which corrodes plumbing pipes and appliances. Our pH Neutralizer is a single-tank solution that automatically ensures the correct pH balance in the water, so you have fresh, pure, and great-tasting water from every faucet, every time.

The Pro Series Filters are an economical and efficient method for removing the iron and sulfur in water that causes the pungent “rotten egg” smell and those annoying red-orange and yellow stains on laundry, sinks, toilets, and appliances.

The Scale Reduction System protects plumbing and appliances, like the water heater, from premature failure due to scale deposits. The system effectively reduces scale accumulation without electricity, salt, or chemicals.

remove sulfur from water in Lagrangeville NYSulfur Reduction is a quick and easy remedy for homes with sulfur water. The turnkey filter removes the sulfur allowing your entire family to enjoy crystal clear and great-tasting water without foul odors.