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The Water Source is your locally authorized, independent Kinetico dealer. We carry the full line of Kinetico Brand water softeners. Kinetico is a global pioneer of non-electric water softeners, treatment, and purification systems. Kinetico products are activated by the movement of water and use no electricity. Whether you have a small household with basic water issues or have a large family with complex water problems, there is a Kinetico water softener model to meet your household demand for clean, healthy, and pure water.


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Kinetico Premiere Series®

The Kinetico Premier Series® is the world’s most efficient water softeners* on the market, providing the highest quality water with maximum output. Designed for large households with challenging water problems, the dual tank system meets the high-volume demands of busy families. Its patent-pending XP feature uses precision calibration to automatically adjust treatment to the specific water conditions reducing costs and providing optimum performance. An automatic regeneration system ensures a continuous flow of clean, fresh, and pure water day and night – even when using multiple faucets or water-based appliances at the same time.

*Kinetico Models 650 XP, S650 OD XP, Q850 XP, and Q850 OD XP


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Kinetico Signature Series®

Kinetico Signature Series® water softeners use high-quality resins for efficient and effective performance for busy households with difficult water quality issues. The water softeners are powered by water flow instead of electricity and have no moving parts for long-lasting performance. Its generous, high capacity dual tank system with automatic soft water countercurrent regeneration ensures that your family will never run out of clean, healthy, and pure water.


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Kinetico Essential Series®

Kinetico Essential Series® water softeners are perfect for small households that want maximum value and reliability to solve basic water issues. Its sleek, compact single-tank design and non-electric operation provide continuous water softener treatment based on your household's demands. A patent-pending AccuDial feature calibrates treatment for the specific water problem in your home. Its rapid generation feature ensures faster performance without waiting for clean, healthy, and pure water.


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