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Is My Water Bad in Pawling?

Many homes and businesses in Pawling have hard water, smelly water, and bad tasting water. The good news is that water quality issues can be resolved. It starts with a free test with The Water Source to find out what’s in your water. We have Water Softeners and Water Filtration by WaterCare and Kinetico® that provide clean, pure water for drinking and household and business use.

Hard Water Treatments In Pawling NY

Water Purification / Reverse Osmosis

Pawling homes and businesses will no longer need to rely on bottled water for drinking or cooking when installing reverse osmosis (RO) water purification. An RO Water Purification system features a storage tank that contains a semi-permeable membrane. The existing water pressure in the house pushes the water through the membrane, which is designed to allow only water to pass through its micron spores, trapping any sediment, chemicals, bacteria, and other impurities in the storage tank, ensuring crystal clear, perfectly clean. Great-tasting pure water continuously flows to the water faucet for beverages and cooking. The water purification works automatically without the need for salts, chemicals, or additives. User-replaceable cartridges make maintenance effortless.


water softener to prevent hard water in Pawling NY

Water Softener

A water softener reduces the mineral and metal deposits that cause hard water problems for homes and businesses on private wells or public water. Hard water conditions cause appliances to work harder, resulting in premature failure and replacement. Appliances also consume more water and detergent, increasing energy costs. It also causes stains on laundry and spotty dishware. The ion-exchange process reduces water hardness eliminating stains and limescale deposits built-up in plumbing pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Water softeners are available in various models to meet the demands of any size, home, or business. Your laundry will look cleaner and brighter. Your appliances will last longer and will consume less water and energy. User-replaceable cartridges make maintenance easy and worry-free with pure, clean, and healthy water at every faucet in your home or business.

Pawling NY whole house water treatment services

Whole House Water Treatment

Eliminating a variety of water quality issues is within reach with whole house water treatment in Pawling. A whole-house solution directly connects to your main water line to remove iron, calcium, manganese, sulfur, lead, viruses, and other impurities in a private well or municipal water. It also eliminates any foul odors, bad tastes, and cloudy water restoring the water to its natural, pure state. We offer various whole-house solutions, including single tank, dual tank, and multi-tank options, to make sure that busy households never run out of water. With a whole house water treatment, crystal clear, sparkling clean, and healthy water is always available at every water faucet in the house – even the refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker.

Water purification system installation in Pawling NY

Water Filtration In Pawling NY

Water filtration removes iron, sulfur, calcium, lead, and other impurities that are a problem for many homes and businesses in Pawling. Also, chlorine, fluoride, and other additives may still be present after the public water treatment process. It can also have a foul odor, sour taste, or look cloudy. Older metal plumbing pipes that are rusting can leak lead into the treated water supply. Our water filtration solutions remove contaminants in private wells and public water systems to deliver perfectly clean, clear, and great tasting water that tastes like spring water. We have solutions for every household size or budget, including user-installable models and advanced units for household and business use. Water filtration features user-changeable filters or cartridges, so that clean and healthy water is always available.

Do you know what’s in your water? Schedule a free in-home water analysis today! We serve Pawling, Woodinville, Holmes, Quaker Hill, and other nearby communities.