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Problems & Symptoms

The Water Source offers a variety of professional water treatment and purification systems from the world’s leading manufacturers that will solve even the most complex water problems in your home or business. Our certified Water Quality Specialists will conduct a free on-site water analysis to diagnose the water problem you are experiencing and recommend a solution that will give you clean, healthy, and great tasting water at every faucet.

bacteria in drinking water in ny

Bacteria & Viruses

While some bacteria are beneficial, harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites, including coliform, salmonella, cysts, and other microbes, can infect the groundwater, surface water, and other water sources of private wells and public water systems. Some bacteria are also immune to disinfection and can still be present in the water.

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Scaling, Staining, and Spotting

Hard water is not just a problem for private wells. Most public water systems have hard water too. Elevated levels of minerals, metals, and other dissolved solids in the water can cause scaling, staining, and spotting on sinks, plumbing fixtures, and water-based appliances. If hard water remains untreated, it can damage the water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, and even clog plumbing, requiring more frequent repairs and premature replacement.

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Poor Appliance & Ruined Clothing

Is poor water quality ruining your appliances and clothing?

Many times we see water problems actually ruining appliances like dishwashers, clothes washers, and hot water heaters. And the clothing that is washed using poor water will also not last as long and lose its “new” look much quicker. The monetary loss in these areas can offset the cost of a new treatment system.

Chloramine in drinking water


Some public water treatment plants are using chloramine instead of chlorine for water disinfection. While the chemical is considered safe in small quantities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it can be toxic to some pets, including amphibians, fish, and reptiles.

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Many homes and businesses live and work in communities that still contain metal water pipes over 50 years old. As the metal pipes degrade due to corrosion or rust, lead can leak into the drinking water. It can also attract bacteria. According to the EPA, lead is unsafe to consume in any amount, especially for children.

PFOA / PFOS getting into water


PFOA and PFOS are chemicals that were widely used since the 1970s. They are commonly found in bottled water, pizza boxes, non-stick coatings, stain repellant, and other consumer goods. Although these chemicals were phased out a few years ago, they are still in the environment. They can leak into the water supply through contaminated groundwater, lakes, and other water sources.

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Low pH

Frequent or heavy rains can affect the quality of drinking water. It lowers the pH below 7, increasing the acidity: the lower the pH, the more acidic the water. Acidic water is incredibly corrosive indicative of blue-green stains on metal pipes, water faucets, and other plumbing fixtures and equipment. Pure water has a pH of 7.

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Iron & Manganese

Limestone rock in groundwater, wells, and other water sources are likely to contain iron and manganese. While these elements are essential nutrients, drinking water that contains elevated levels of iron & manganese can cause adverse health issues and hard water problems.

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According to the CDC, over 70% of public water systems add fluoride to the drinking water. However, with the abundance and popularity of oral hygiene products, many consumers may now be consuming too much fluoride, causing fluorosis. The American Cancer Society is also reviewing on-going studies to determine if there is a link between fluoridated water and bone cancer.

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Decaying organic matter in landfills can cause methane gas to contaminate groundwater and leak into the drinking water. Unless you specifically test for methane in your home or business, there is no other way to detect this colorless, odorless, and flammable gas.

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Arsenic is routinely used in manufacturing and industrial plants to produce a variety of products, including fertilizer. It also naturally occurs in the environment, and small amounts are often present in the water. However, elevated levels are increasingly toxic.

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Sulfur water is characterized by its infamous “rotten egg” smell when you turn on the faucet. Some areas of the country have more sulfates in wells and groundwater than others. The odor occurs when oxygen mixes with the sulfates in the water and creates hydrogen sulfide gas. It can also cause yellow or black stains on laundry, dishware, plumbing, and appliances.

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Acidic water occurs when the pH drops below 7. It is very corrosive and can also cause adverse health effects, including diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. It can also be harmful to teeth and gums. Acidic water is also detrimental to metal plumbing pipes and fixtures and causes an elevated amount of metals to contaminate the water.

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Frequent rain can cause groundwater, lakes, rivers, and other water surfaces to murky, losing its transparency and increasing the water turbidity. Turbid water can also mean there are more bacteria and viruses in the water.

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Wells, lakes, and other water sources can contain sediment that includes clay and other particulates in the water. It can cause the water to appear cloudy or murky. While there are no known health risks, it is not advisable to consume water with colloidal clay.

How to Solve Common Water Problems

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