Residential Water Treatment - Whole House Water Purification In NY
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Residential Water Treatment

You want the best for your family in all things of course… but what about the water they use every day for drinking, cooking, and bathing? Consider how important such a basic necessity is and how detrimental it could be to your family’s quality of life if the water is not as clean as it should be.

Did you know that hard water can ruin appliances, affect hair, and skin, and even taint the enjoyment of your morning coffee! Start enjoying life to the fullest with an easy and cost-effective improvement to your water quality.

Your home is the biggest investment you will make, protect it from the inside out starting with your water. The Water Source provides a complete line of residential water treatment solutions throughout the Hudson Valley from industry-leading brands that consumers trust, like Kinetico and Water Care. Our certified Water Quality Specialists offer a free in-home water test to pinpoint the water quality issues in your home with recommended solutions to solve even the most complex water problems, including hard water, foul odors, and bad tastes. (I think you can write this more interestingly from a home-owners and head of household standpoint).

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Whole-Home Water Softener

Our whole home water softener uses an ion exchange process to remove iron, calcium, manganese, and other dissolved solids that cause hard water problems. Hard water stains clothes, plumbing, and fixtures. It can also clog drains and damage water pipes and appliances, especially those that use hot water like the water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine. Whole home water softener systems are available in single or multi-tank configurations to meet the demands of households of any size for clean, clear, and healthy water at every faucet in the house. Simple user-replaceable filter cartridges make filter changes easy without the need for a service call. Learn more about a whole home water softener system.

Water Filtration Options

From user-installable units that attach to your faucet to advanced models that connect to your main water supply, The Water Source offers a variety of water filtration options for every budget. Our water filtration systems will remove iron, chlorine, sulfur, bacteria, sediment, and other impurities that are common in private wells and municipal water systems. The water filtration process also eliminates bad tastes and odors in the drinking water. With drinking water so clean and pure, you will no longer need to buy bottled water to cook or drink. Learn more about our water filtration options.

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Drinking Water - Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Reverse osmosis is a filtration system that removes bacteria, chemicals, cysts, metals, and dissolved solids in the water. It uses water pressure to push water through a semi-permeable membrane containing microscopic pores that only allow water to pass through while trapping impurities. High-quality resins automatically regenerate, ensuring crystal clear and sparkling clean water continuously flows through every faucet for fresh, great-tasting water on-demand. Learn more about reverse osmosis.

Where to get residential water treatment

Contact The Water Source for cleaner water. We offer residential water softener treatment, filtration, and purification systems. Enjoy pure, crystal clear, great-tasting water for any business.

Schedule Your Water Test Today – Providing residential water treatment to Hopewell Junction, Orange Lake, Lagrangeville, Cold Spring, Wawarsing, Plattekill, New Paltz, Wiccopee, Carmel, Fishkill, and many more Hudson Valley communities. Your clear choice for clean, pure water in your home or at your business!