Road Salt Causing Drinking Water Problems - High Sodium Levels
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Road Salt Contaminating Water Supply

More than 20 million tons of road salt are used on roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and other surfaces in the U.S. each year. With near-record snowfall in the Hudson Valley this year, the New York Department of Transportation (NYDOT) has indicated that most of the road salt supply has been depleted--one would wonder, where does all of the salt chemicals go?

When snow melts, road salt can enter into the soil and groundwater and flow into our drainage, streams, rivers, and reservoirs. This also happens when snow is plowed off the road. Increased road salt use can cause pipe corrosion and introduce harmful levels of contaminants into drinking water.

road salt and drinking water in wappinger falls NY

High sodium levels in drinking water can increase the risk of excess dietary salt intake, which may lead to health issues including hypertension. Road salt also includes chloride which can cause plumbing corrosion problems, eating away at your pipes, pumps, hot water heaters, and fixtures. "When chloride levels exceed the EPA guidelines, water becomes undrinkable," says Water Source manager, John Wellock.  The risk goes beyond the taste of your tap water--it can affect your health and your home, making it a potentially costly issue that should be dealt with immediately.

Steps you can take:

  1. Check your pipes and plumbing for signs of corrosion rusting;
  2. a white coating around the tap outlet is an indication of excess sodium.
  3. Have an expert do a free water test.
  4. Install a water filter or treatment system for your home to protect your pluming, appliances and your health.

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