What Should I Do If My Water Softener Has Stopped Working?
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Signs Your Water Softener Isn’t Working

A water softener is an excellent addition to any home that has a problem with hard water. Unfortunately, it’s easy to take the system for granted and neglect its maintenance until it’s too late. To ensure your water softener continues working as it should watch for the following telltale signs of a malfunction.

Ways to Tell If Your Water Softener Is Broken

Water Softener Not Working in Plattekill NY

Itchy Skin

One of the benefits of soft water is the feeling of moisturized or hydrated skin. If you notice your body feels dry or itchy after showering or washing your hands, your water softener may not be working. Hard water carries a high concentration of magnesium and calcium, which can leave an irritating film on your skin. Check the brine tank for salt pellets. If any are present, the system will need servicing.

Salty-Tasting Water

Softening systems use a particular type of salt that recharges the resin beads that remove minerals from water. However, if too much salt is present in the system, it could make the water coming from the tap taste salty. To fix this issue, clean the tank and add the appropriate salt amount. In some cases, the salty taste could be indicative of a damaged valve. So, if a thorough tank cleaning doesn’t address the problem, you may need professional assistance.

Low Water Pressure

Another sign your softening system is faulty is low water pressure. Mineral deposits can develop inside your pipes and create a clog. The resin beads could also break off and clog the plumbing. If you notice a change in your water pressure, call an expert to inspect the pipes and determine the exact cause of the issue.

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