Hudson Valley Communities Are Having Serious Water Problems
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Hudson Valley Communities Are Having Serious Water Problems

Hudson Valley communities have seen their fair share of water issues over the last year. Recently, the Poughkeepsie Journal reported that the town of New Windsor is seeking $4.6 million in damages for releasing toxic chemicals into the water supply. It all started after the state Health Department found PFOS and PFOA at a water treatment plant called Butterhill Wells.

It serves about 5,500 customers that rely on municipal water. The town is accusing federal agencies for allowing chemical spills to poison the Butterhill wells from the National Guard Base & Steward International Airport since 1990. According to the claim, toxic chemicals have been used at the sites since the 1980s which then entered the groundwater. Town Supervisor - George Meyers says the monitoring of the PFOA and PFOS at the Butterhill wells is one of the most expensive projects the town has struggled to pay.

Health Hazards Associated With Too Much Chlorine

When it comes to drinking water, people have become more diligent about consuming the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses a day. In doing so, they are demanding that their water be healthier, cleaner and safer. Municipal treatment plants chlorinate the water to keep it free of bacterial and other harmful organisms, but, like most things, too much chlorine isn’t healthy either. Bottled water is technically another option, but most people don’t cook with it, bathe in it, or wash their clothes in it—that’s just not practical. There are several health hazards associated with having too much chlorine in your water including bladder cancer, digestive issues and birth defects.

“We have had several calls from homeowners in both New Windsor and Monroe over the past couple of weeks…all saying that they have smelled chlorine in their water,” informs Dawn Marie, Customer Service Manager for The Water Source in Wappingers Falls. “No one likes to turn on their faucet and have an overwhelming smell of chlorine take over.”

Having chlorine in your pool is one thing, but too much in your drinking water can pose health risks and finding the right balance isn’t always easy. When your water smells like it has too much chlorine in it, you should have it tested. Having an expert come and evaluate the situation is always recommend because they are aware of the municipality’s use of chemicals (chlorine being one) and can offer a solution.


If you are experiencing similar issues with your water, contact a water purification company like The Water Source to come to your home, test your water and offer a solution such as water purification, reverse osmosis and replacing old filters. It is essential to determine the cause so you can have peace of mind knowing whether it’s a harmless annoyance or a potential health issue. The Water Source, your choice for cleaner water!