Top 3 Drawbacks of Hard Water - Install A Water Softener System
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Top 3 Drawbacks of Hard Water

We rely on water for countless daily activities, so it’s important to ensure it’s clean and won’t damage the pipes and appliances. Hard water, which is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but it can result in unsightly stains. When tackling this problem, consider the value of a water softener, which filters out excess minerals for a cleaner flow.

water staining in Orange Lake NYHard Water Issues

1. Cleanliness

Hard water leaves behind noticeable stains upon evaporating. You may notice them on kitchenware you remove from the dishwasher and on shower curtains. Soap scum will also be evident on clothes. This residue will attract more dirt, making the fabric wear out faster. Water-based appliances, such as your coffee maker, will likewise be afflicted by scaly buildups and shortened life spans.

2. Clogged Pipes

Hard water leaves behind mineral deposit as it flows through your pipes. Over time, the buildup can create clogs and plug faucets. Take note if you experience low pressure in your sinks or shower. For blockages, schedule a visit with a plumber to clear out your pipes, and invest in a water softener to prevent future mineral buildup. To clean your showerhead, submerge it in a pot of distilled vinegar to dissolve the scum. After 30 minutes, scrub away remaining residue with a used toothbrush.

shower has hard water3. Skin Irritation

The mineral deposits in hard water make it difficult to fully wash off soap. This residue will clog your pores and result in dry skin, leading to issues such as blemishes and acne. You may also notice your hair get drier and fade in color. While you wait for a water softener installation, you can curb these effects by using a gentle cleanser rather than soap and washing your face and mane with bottled water.

Hard water can result in unsightly stains and damaged pipes and appliances. For a permanent solution, call The Water Source. Serving the Hudson Valley, NY, the team has more than 25 years of experience installing the most effective water softeners and water treatment systems for commercial and residential clients. Call (845) 297-1600 to discuss your options, and visit their website to learn more about the water softeners they offer.