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Drinking Water (Reverse Osmosis)

The Water Source is an authorized WaterCare® dealer proudly serving homes and businesses throughout the Hudson Valley region with cleaner, better-tasting water. If you're spending money on bottled water, the WaterCare® Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System is a more affordable and efficient alternative to supply your household with the high quality, pure water it needs for beverages and cooking.

How WaterCare® Reverse Osmosis Filtration Works

The WaterCare® line of drinking water systems use a four-stage filtration process to remove contaminants and other impurities in private wells and municipal water systems.

reverse osmosis process in Hudson Valley NY

Stage 1: The water pressure in your home forces the water through a carbon filter that removes any sediment and chlorine present in the water.

Stage 2: The filtered water is then pushed through a membrane that removes any dissolved solids or microscopic particles remaining in the water.

Stage 3: The water is then filtered again through a carbon post-filter to catch any impurities that may still be in the water.

Stage 4: In this final step, the clean water automatically flows into a storage tank where a final carbon filtration process eliminates any foul odor or bad taste, ensuring clean, clear, and better-tasting water right at the faucet.



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The WaterCare® UltroWater® system is a certified NSF/ANSI Standard 58 water appliance that uses reverse osmosis to reduce iron, lead, arsenic, cysts, and other impurities that are commonly found in water. The integrated system includes easy to replace filter cartridges and a designer faucet of your choice. You will enjoy better-tasting water without foul odors or harsh aftertastes right from the tap.


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With a capacity of 100 gallons per day, the WaterCare® ClearFlo® RO will keep the water flowing in large households. The multi-stage RO filtration system works around the clock to remove contaminants, including iron, magnesium, chlorine, copper, and other suspended particulates. With water so clear and pure at your faucet, you can finally say goodbye to bottled water.


Hopewell Junction NY Reverse Osmosis System


There is no better way to complement your UltroWater® or ClearFlo® RO drinking system than with WaterCare® Hydronix® certified lead-free designer faucets. Available in a stunning array of top-quality finishes to complement any kitchen style. Styles include antique brass, antique wine, chrome-plated, brushed nickel, and satin.


WaterCare® Brand Drinking Water Solutions

The Water Source, your choice for cleaner drinking water. We offer water softener filtration and purification systems. Enjoy pure, crystal clear, great-tasting water for home and business.

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