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Water Conditioners

The Water Source is an authorized WaterCare® dealer providing WaterCare® Brand Water Conditioners for homes and businesses in the Hudson Valley area. The TotalCare® line of water conditioners use WaterCare's exclusive Crystal-Right™ media that tailors the system to solve specific problems in well water and improve water quality in the whole home.

Why You Need Water Conditioners

Homeowners that use a private well for water often have water quality issues, including hard water, low pH or acidic water, discoloration, sediment, bacteria, and other impurities that can affect water quality, including foul odors and sour tastes. Water conditioners clean, soften, and filter the well water giving your home cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting water at every faucet.

How WaterCare® Water Conditioners Work

TotalCare® Water Conditioners use a multi-stage process that treats the water to eliminate a variety of water problems automatically. The system also cleans, disinfects, and recharges the media ensuring uninterrupted water flow.


The untreated well water flows through the media inside the tank to removes minerals and reduces water hardness. The pH level is also automatically increased to reduce water acidity in select units.

The brine tank containing dry salt is filled with softened water to create a brine solution that automatically cleans and regenerates the media for the next conditioning cycle. It also ensures the tank remains clean even in humid conditions.

During the next phase of the cleaning cycle, the media containing the filtered impurities is lifted, spun, and agitated in a backwashing process that removes the impurities from the system.

Next, the brine drains from the salt tank and flows through the chlorine generator to disinfect and recharge the media for the next conditioner cycle. Once the recharging is complete, any excess chlorine drains out of the system during the rinse cycle.

The system ensures any excess salt or chlorine is removed and returns to its service position for the next conditioning cycle, providing a continuous flow of clean, healthy, and better-tasting water on-demand.



TotalCare® is our top-of-the-line water conditioner system that solves four common water problems in one efficient unit, including hard water, iron, manganese, and low pH. It features WaterCare’s patented Chlorine Generator that automatically cleans and regenerates the system for continuous water conditioning day and night.

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TotalCare® Twin System

The TotalCare® twin system includes the same features but with dual tanks for larger households with high-volume water demands ensuring clean, healthy, and better-tasting water is always available.

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Where to Buy WaterCare® Brand Water Conditioners

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