I Have A Water Softener So Do I Also Need a Pre-Filter?
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Do I Need a Pre-Filter with a Water Softener?

For your average homeowner, this question is a head-scratcher.  Even though the softener is in place, water filtration might still be needed. There are tasks a water softener can do and some
they can’t do.

Does a Water Softener Filter Impurities?

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A water softener does filter the water but only a few impurities.  They specifically target calcium and magnesium, and those impurities are washed out with the wastewater from your home.

Water softeners can’t remove several impurities that may exist in your water supply.  To put your mind at ease, get your water tested.

These tests are easy to come by; most hardware stores carry them.  Many water treatment companies are happy to come to your home and perform a water quality test free of charge.  The results of that test will determine if a water filtration or pre-filter system for your home or business is needed.


Below are a few impurities that a water softener can filter out of your water.

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Clay
  • Industrial Waste
  • Organic waste
  • Pesticides

The sad part is this is just a partial list.

So, there is no odor, cloudiness, or foul taste in the water, what’s the big deal?  There may be traces of impurities in your drinking water but how long have you been drinking that water?  Is there any possibility some of these contaminants could have built up in your system?  You may be setting yourself up for future health issues.

There are several different pre-filter systems available on the market today.  If you are just concerned about the water you drink and cook with, an under-the-sink water filtration system is an option.  Homeowners might be a little uncomfortable knowing their families use a lower quality of water to brush teeth, shower, and wash clothes.

whole house water filtration system, wappinger falls nyWhole-Home Water Filtration Systems

If the water quality test is not up to your standards, then it’s time to think about a whole house filtration system.  With a whole house water purification system, a filter is positioned where the hot and cold water enters the home.

As the water enters the home, its first stop is a filtration tank.  This process is called reverse osmosis or ion exchange. These impurities are removed. After this process, all your faucets and appliances will be supplied with clean, clear, purified water.

Several other benefits are provided with a whole house water filtration system.  Appliances last longer, reduced plumbing problems and everyone can enjoy healthy drinking water, water to cook with, and even the ice cubes will taste great.

Contact The Water Source For Your Clean Water Needs

The Water Source is a trusted water treatment company in the Hudson Valley.  Each time we perform one of our free water quality tests, we take the time to explain the results.  Our water quality professionals are just that, professionals.  We do not use high-pressure sales pitch tactics
during our visits.

Water is necessary for life. The Water Source has a goal of providing clean drinking water that is free of contaminants to the community.  Contact us for a free water quality test and water quality solutions for your home.

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