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Water Softener Systems

The Water Source provides industry-leading water softener systems that have been solving hard water problems in homes and businesses for more than 50 years. We offer single and dual tank water softener systems with simple user-replaceable cartridges that are easy to operate and maintain. We even offer water softener systems that are powered entirely by the movement of water instead of electricity.

culligan water softener system installWhat's a water softener system?

A water softener system is a filtration device that interfaces with the main hot and cold water connection in your home to remove the minerals and heavy metals like calcium, magnesium, and iron that cause hard water problems.

Our water softener systems eliminate the minerals and heavy metals in the water that cause soap scum, stain drains, clog pipes, and damage water appliances. Your skin will feel smoother and silkier. Your clothes will look cleaner and brighter. Your water will look crystal clear and have a clean, refreshing taste. You will use less water and electricity, and your water heater, coffee maker, and other appliances will last longer too.

Do water softener systems use sodium?

All water softener systems use a sodium ion exchange process that adds a small amount of sodium to soften the water. Sodium is an essential element of a healthy diet. Even tap water contains some sodium. Our system adds a small amount of sodium in the water filtration process. The amount of sodium the system uses depends on the degree of hardness. For example, an 8-ounce serving of water containing 18 grams of hardness would have approximately 30 mg of sodium.

In comparison, an 8-ounce glass of milk has 120 mg of sodium. Homeowners on a restricted sodium diet should check with their physician. We also offer a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system that will remove sodium in water.

water softener system installation in Wiccopee NYHow do water softener systems work?

Water softener systems work on a sodium ion exchange process. The water in your home or business first goes into the filtration tank. The tank contains positively charged ion resins that attach to the minerals and heavy metals, removing it from the water. The system will automatically add the amount of sodium required to regenerate and clean the resins for the next filtration cycle. The softened water exits the tank, and crystal clear, clean, and pure water flows through all the faucets in your home.

Water Softener Systems for home and business

We offer water softener treatment, filtration, and purification systems with professional installation. Enjoy pure, crystal clear, great-tasting water every time with solutions for home and business.

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