What You Should Know About Hard Water - How To Prevent It
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What You Should Know About Hard Water

hard water problemsIf you rely on a well, you’re probably happy to have a free, clean source of water. One potential downside is the presence of minerals in groundwater, which can make your water “hard.” While you might have noticed the effects of this condition, you might not know much about it. In the guide below, learn more about the cause of hard water and how a water softener can help.

What Is Hard Water?

Simply put, hard water is mineralized with substances like calcium, magnesium, and iron. While these elements aren’t necessarily harmful, some sediment may carry bacteria with it, which can make your water less safe to drink. Additionally, too many minerals may give your water an unpleasant sulfur odor or make it taste metallic.

There are also visible manifestations of hard water. You may notice your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets developing a strange orange stain. That’s the result of iron being deposited on the surfaces and oxidizing as it interacts with the air. While you can scrub these stains away, there are easier solutions than elbow grease. Hard water may also make soap less effective, so your showers and laundry are harder to use.

how a water softener works in Hudson Valley NYHow Can a Water Softener Help?

Rather than put up with an unpleasant smell or taste and spend hours scrubbing iron stains, you should install a water softener in your home. This tank uses sodium to replace the magnesium and calcium, which are trapped on polystyrene beads. Then the tank is flushed, washing away the calcium and magnesium and giving you softened water.

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