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Well vs. Municipal Water

Water plays a role in almost every aspect of home life and is essential to your health. You want to be confident you have a reliable supply. There are two options: municipal water or well water—also known as hard water. Each has its advantages, and by understanding them, you’ll ensure you have the best supply for your family.

Water Treatment Experts in Beacon NYWell Water

Well, water is drawn from a private well installed on a person’s property. It’s pumped directly from an untreated natural underground source, which is why it’s called hard water. This water isn’t filtered at a municipal water purification facility, so you’re getting it in its most pure form. Naturally, it’s much cleaner and contains a variety of healthy minerals. Because of environmental factors, however, hard water can also contain contaminants from pesticides and other pollution impacting the water table. Hard water can also be difficult for piping, which is why well water should always couple with a water filtration system.

Municipal Water

Municipal water flows to your home from city treatment facilities. In almost all cases, it’s purified with chlorine and also contains fluoride. While this can remove contaminants, it also strips hard water of its minerals, affecting its health benefits and taste. Since municipal water runs through city systems, it’s also not as reliable as well as water. If pipes burst, your supply will be interrupted. It’s a convenient option, however, and essential for those who can’t have a well drilled on their property. To receive the best water, add a water treatment system to your plumbing.

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