Why Should Your Tap Water Be Treated Regularly?
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Where Does Tap Water Come From?

About 70% of our planet is covered with water, but only a small percentage can be used for our daily needs. The freshwater we use mostly comes from lakes, streams, or underground. These bodies are refilled through the water cycle process. Rain and snow are collected underground in an aquifer, producing groundwater that rises from the surface as springs or is drawn through wells. Most of the water we use goes through water treatment processes to ensure it’s safe to drink. Here’s a closer look at the sources and treatment of our most important natural resource.

Tap Water Treatment in NYWhat Are the Sources of Tap Water?

Tap water sources vary depending on your region or community. The local government manages the water treatment system in larger neighborhoods. For example, 90% of New York City’s water comes from the Catskill/Delaware Aqueduct.

Meanwhile, an independent supply system is in charge of smaller residential groups, usually in rural areas. A homeowner may also choose to drill wells into aquifers, in which case they’re solely accountable for the quality of their water.

Why Should Your Tap Water Be Treated?

Although experts implement several measures to ensure drinking water is safe, the supply may still be contaminated because of human activities. This problem is largely what necessitates water treatment. The process removes disease-causing microorganisms and prevents illnesses such as cholera, amebiasis, and typhoid fever.

How Is It Treated?

Water treatment processes vary by region and local ordinances. Standard methods include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Coagulation: Alum or polymer is added, which causes contaminants to stick together, allowing for easier removal.
  • Filtration: A filter with layers of sand and gravel collects impurities in the water.
  • Chlorination: Chlorine is used to kill harmful microorganisms.
  • Sludge drying: Solids from the filtration process are moved to drying lagoons.

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