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Drinking Water Quality To Boost Health

Nothing lives on planet Earth without the benefit of water.  We have all heard that since elementary school.  Something else Read more

Will Soft Water Give Me Cleaner Dishes?

Answering that question is easy.  In a word, Yes.  Water softeners save on appliances and plumbing.  Clothes will last longer, Read more

How Can A Water Softener Help Me?

If you ask the average person how a car runs, most will say, ‘Put gas in it and step on Read more

About Flow Rate and Water Pressure

Before indoor plumbing was commonplace, no one knew or cared about the water flow rates or water pressure from ineffective Read more

Tips for Taking Care of Well Water

In the United States alone, there are nearly 16 million wells.  Many of the wells are owned by farmers who Read more

Comprehensive Guide on Reverse Osmosis

Clean drinking water is vital for the survival of man and beast alike.  Without water, there would be no living Read more

Pharmaceuticals in Your Tap Water?

Understanding your tap water quality isn’t something you often consider.  Most homeowners have the attitude if the water is clear, Read more

What Causes Cloudy Tap Water?

Homeowners may sometimes notice that a glass of tap water is cloudy or milky in appearance. Most of the time, Read more

We Can Assess Your Water Problems

There are a variety of drinking water problems that can affect water quality changing its appearance, smell, and taste. While Read more

Do I Need a Pre-Filter with a Water Softener?

For your average homeowner, this question is a head-scratcher.  Even though the softener is in place, water filtration might still Read more