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Free Water Analysis
Free Water Analysis

Best Water Treatment Systems

When it comes to the safety and quality of your water, The Water Source is your best choice. Throughout the Hudson Valley residents and businesses count on us to provide the highest quality water treatment equipment and services possible for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. For over 25 years we have been the leader in water softening and water filtration equipment sales and installation. We are a NYS Certified Water Operator, Water Specialist and we have a licensed plumber on staff.

Water Softener Systems

Hard water is a common problem in our area that can be easily fixed with a water softening system. Our water softener equipment will remove the minerals and heavy metals that can contribute to staining in sinks and tubs, clogged pipes and damaged water appliances. Your family will notice how much smoother and silkier their hair feels, clothes will be cleaner and brighter and your water will be crystal clear and taste better too! Reduced spotting on dishes, shower enclosures and even after washing cars will be welcomed changes that soft water can bring.

culligan water system installation in Hudson valley ny

Water Filtration Systems

Many other water problems involving los pH, bacteria, staining, chloramine, lead, PFOA / PFOS, Iron, manganese, fluoride, methane, arsenic, sulfur, acidity, turbidity, clay and sediments can drastically affect your enjoyment of drinking water, taste of foods cooked with water and even your health. Our water filtration systems can be customized to fit your specific needs.

culligan drinking water system

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you have ever wondered why some restaurants or businesses always have great tasting water, no matter where you visit them across the area - the answer is probably that they have installed a “reverse-osmosis” system that will deliver a constant flow of pure water for drinking and cooking. You can enjoy the joy of clean tasting water in your home too with a Culligan water system under your sink.

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Products Offered

Water Softener Systems

Eliminate the minerals and heavy metals in the water that cause stains, damaged water appliances, and dry skin.

Filtration Systems

Automatically and continuously, giving the entire house ready access to clean, great-tasting water from every tap or faucet.

Drinking Water Systems

Multi-stage reverse-osmosis process to remove contaminants including iron, calcium, bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can be present in private well water and public water systems.

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